Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pro-Active Social Life

I have complained here often about my need to keep our social life intact.  The cause being that my parents had completely shut theirs down and the results were absolutely no friends at Mom's funeral.  I so hated that.  I have found that you have to be a bit proactive in the endeavour to keep your social life ACTIVE!  So for the past year I have pushed that to keep ours moving.  In fact. the past couple of months I have really pushed it with constant emails and phone calls and keeping my calendar hopping.  We've had people over for dinner, met for dinner, movies with friends, dinner with friends, whether it be just me and girl friends or us as a couple.  It has been almost a full time job but I'm committed to this job of socializing with our friends.  The past couple of months alone we have a small intimate cocktail party with the neighbors at our house, lunch with my friend Christine, birthday parties at the cabin, dinner with the people we traveled with, dinner with Sharon, lunch with...see I've kept our dance card full and will keep it up.  You just can't sit around and wait for someone to call you have to work at it and that is what I have discovered! 

Last night we had friends stop by for a glass of wine, tonight friends (at the last minute) are coming for pizza, Monday dance lesson at our house with a bit of socializing, next Thursday friends for goes on and on and on!  I'm having a blast!


Ruth said...

Wow! It all sounds quite wonderful, especially since… and I was waiting for it… you are having a blast!

Michelle said...

My husband loves the impromptu 'can so & so come over for dinner' as I'm starting to cook dinner. I've become the master at stretching a dinner for 4 into dinner for 6 or 7. I'm terrible at planning gatherings, but all of our friends know they can drop by anytime, and if it just so happens to be dinner time, they can help set the table and pull up an extra chair!