Monday, February 13, 2012

The Grammy's and MY Opinion!

Watched the Grammy's last night and was more than pleased that Adele swept the thing.  Her album(s) are AWESOME! 
Who or what in the heck is Deadmau5 ( Wikipedia says...)?  At the end of the Grammy's there was a very strange final act including David Guetta (a DJ I think), Lil Wayne, Foo Fighters, and Chris Brown.  I was not sure about that, really and was more than willing to change channels at that point.  When did I become OLD!  There used to be a day when I knew every artist and usually had all their CD's.  I am so out of touch and I'm just not happy about that. 

Now I'm going to have a few of MY own opinions so don't hollor at me please.  Adele's performance and return to the stage was just wonderful.  What a fabulous voice.  It was simply music as was Jennifer Hudson's tribute to the Whitney Houston hit, I Will Always Love YouThe key here is simply music, powerful music.  Now we get to the fanciness and huge stage productions of Katy Perry, who I love.  That was way over the top and kind of weird.  Taylor Swift, well it was a good song, singing live for her, poor girl should not sing live and I'm really tired of her songs taking digs at all the people that done her wrong, but I guess that is country music and the perfect place for her stylings.  She should not look so awed when people give her a standing ovation.  She acts like "Wow, they really like me."  Okay Sweetie, that is what you are going for.  Now this brings me to Lady Gaga in the audience, who thankfully did not perform, although she is always on, so she did perform.  In the audience, while Adele again picked up another award and Lady Gaga did not, this is the image that clicked on the screen, a bug-eyed hugely grinning face that was straining against the fish-net thingy on her face. 

Nevermind, really nice cute show.  I shouldn't have an opinion, should I.


Sweet Tea said...

You're more restrained in your opinion than I am in mine. There were parts that were really good - loved Sir Paul, Adele, Jennifer Hudson, but much of it was silly and there for the shock value. It was like watching a train wreck at times -a long train wreck.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Adele too!!!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I'm a Lady Gaga fan and as strange as the net was it was better than her meat dress.