Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Easter 1961

Easter 1961
Trying to find something to write about today and so I decided to look through some pictures to jog a memory or two.  This picture is in front of the first house I remember as a child.  This was Easter 1961 before we moved to Arkansas for a year.  Daddy build that fence and gave me a LOVE for picket fences, even though that was not a picket fence.  The house is still there and I drive by often to look at it.  Lots of memories in that house for me.  I remember sending off for the Tony the Tiger spoon from the Frosted Flakes box and waiting every day for the mail to run.  I remember our two dogs in that house, or rather outside, Hoss and Rebel.  I remember Christmas in that house and being so angry at my sister when she broke the plaster-of-pairs hand print that was wrapped and under the tree for Momma and Daddy.  She broke that damn thing not once, but twice before they could unwrap it.  I remember how darned cute Bro and Sis were and how much I loved them.  This picture is of Easter 1961 and I only remember those pictures and not much of the day we took them.


PTBYF said...

You look so happy and proud in your new Easter dress! Sweet!

Territory Mom said...

beautiful photo. I was thinking about some old photos of me and my sisters in our Easter best. I think I'll get them from my mom to post. Love this when we all wore white hats and gloves.