Saturday, December 17, 2011


Do you see this face, this face was one of the sweetest faces you will ever kiss.  His name was Johnny Angel, a Great Pyrenees, a pet and a friend, forever!
Johnny Angel was much loved by many of the children that come to visit and play at our community lake/cabin retreat compound.  My friend P's cabin is down the road from Johnny Angel's cabin and when he sees her grandchildren arrive he would beat it to their door to get some lovin'.  Johnny Angel was a groomed and tagged pet who would grin at you as he came upon you.  Our little heaven on earth place is a lover of all animals, but especially dogs, of which nearly all of us have 1+ that are part of our families.  Johnny Angel's adoptive parents, Paula & Paulla, have picked up many, many, many strays and dumped dogs along those country roads, taken them in, fed, nursed and found happy homes for them.  Johnny Angel was one of those dumped dogs that happened into their lives. 

On Monday, December 12, Johnny Angel wandered up the hill behind "our" property to a very unfriendly neighbor's land.   He encountered "someone" on that hill, at least that is where the blood trail led to.  Paula found Johnny Angel in the meadow where he dragged his maimed body that fateful Monday.  He had been shot twice, his jaw gone.  Loading the sweet gentle giant in her truck with help from sobbing friends he was rushed to the vet and helped to end his terrible suffering.  So many tears have been shed and our hearts are just crushed by this tragedy.

The sheriff was called and several of our residents went to the property where the blood trail led to confront the alleged offenders.  "We didn't shoot your white dog!"  Uh, yeah right.  Unfortunately, in the country, it is a practice that if a dog wanders onto your property you shoot it.  I'm sorry but what about all the many other strays that the P's have taken in that have wandered but usually starve to death or are hit by vehicles and NOT SHOT.  I know they can pack and all but this sweet little guy was groomed and tagged, obviously!  I'm sorry but that practice is HORRIBLE!  It is scary that one of our residents or children or other pets might accidentally wander on his property and one of his hired guns or himself might shoot and ask questions later! 

Now we have to tell those precious grandchildren that their friend that always comes to watch TV and serve as their pillow is gone, forever.  They will never be told how horribly Johnny Angel died as we adults know.  My mind cannot get the image of how he was gunned down and suffered out of my mind.  A great horror has happened and it will not leave my mind.

Remember Johnny Angel.


Joan said...

I am sobbing and furious! I don't know what else to say. /=*(

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

That's terrible.

My Sister and her Husband live out in the country on acreage east of Colorado Springs. They had a couple of pet geese in their fenced in yard. A neighbor's dog jumped the fence and killed one of them.

When they confronted the neighbor about it he just said "So what?"

Kay said...

Oh my goodness! That is unreal! It's plain evil. I'm so sorry.