Monday, December 12, 2011

Party, Party, Party

This morning starts the week of endless parties and stuff to do.  Last week was pretty calm but this week, wow, we are busy.  Tonight is the huge cocktail party with our bank at Southern Hills Country Club!  I get to get duded-up tonight.  Spray that hair, rouge those cheeks and lips!  Tomorrow night is dinner with my dear high school bud S and I'm so looking forward to that one.  Wednesday is dance night.  I HAVE to make that one as I've missed like four classes in a row.  I may even stay for the whole two hours, maybe.  Thursday night we are having one of our customers over to the house to have a look-see at the new bathroom then we are out to dinner at the Celebrity Club!  Last time the guy spent a ton of money on us so of course The Hubby wants to pick up the tab on this one.  I hope he succeeds.  It's the power struggle over the bill between the guys!  Then Friday is a big work day for me at the office and the set up for The Alliday Show.  I will even have my own booth of art:  note cards, prints, originals, and even some handmade potholders!  If you are in the Tulsa area Saturday, come on by and see me and do some last minute Christmas shopping!


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