Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas, Family and Memories

We gathered Christmas Eve, The Hubby's family at our home ready to laugh, eat and enjoy seeing everyone.  B had this photo wall for the Alliday Show and brought it over thinking we could use it for pictures.  I was not very happy about it being in the house, but I have to admit, yes admit it was a good idea.  We all had such a great time posing behind the wall, our mugs in the frames! 

Her we all are except little 2 year old AD who chose not to sit still.   

Now to some memories.
Many, many years ago there was a little girl whose Daddy worked at Oertles.  Oertles was a sporting goods and more store, very popular at the time in Tulsa.  Her Daddy worked a lot of late nights, Christmas Eve being one of those late nights.  This little girl was 8 years old and when her Daddy came in the door he told her that there was something on the front porch that he tripped over, for her to go check it out.  She went out to the porch and there was a brand new Easy Bake Oven for her for Christmas!  That story had been told many times to The Hubby by this little girl all grown up. 

This picture is of my bicycle.  Another story, but connected, trust me.  Another Christmas my brother, sister and I saved up our money and went to the local Otasco store in town and put in layaway three bikes.  It was 1966, and I was 10 years old.  Imagine our surprise when on that snowy Christmas morning we three arose to find our bicycles sitting under the tree.  Santa Claus went and got them out of layaway for us.  Our parents were still in bed, as it was still dark and a light snow covered the ground outside.  We knew that going outside to ride our new bikes was not allowed so we rode around our tiny house until Momma and Daddy got up to let us out.  Those bikes got so much use, especially this one.  We rode around the block for years on our special bicycles.  When I married and moved out this bike came with me even though I never rode it again.  It has moved every time for over 35 years.
Christmas Eve while entertaining The Hubby's clan he handed his cell phone to me and told me to talk to my Daddy.  I took the phone and said, "Hi Daddy.  What's up!"  It was a horrible connection but I did get in the conversation, "Go look on the front porch."  Confused I went out to the front porch.  There, sitting in the porch light was this, my bicycle, all refurbished by The Hubby for Christmas.  I was in shock and tears flowed as I was stunned and smiling and crying.  So you see there is a connection because my Daddy was the one, once again to guide me to that front porch to find such a fabulous gift!  Neat isn't it.  Oh, I got diamond earrings too but they don't even compare to this gift.  I married a fabulous, wonderful guy!   


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

First I love your photo wall,

second, you did marry a wonderful husband, what a gift and delivered perfectly by letting your dad clue you in. Chalk one up for the hubby today. He did good.

Kay said...

That photo wall is really a lot of fun. What a beautiful story about that bike. You almost had me crying. You have a beautiful hubby and dad.

Joan said...

Wow, what a wonderful story. =)

I love that bike! The first picture made me wonder about all the memories connected to it. The places it must have taken you!

carma said...

love your new bike - enjoy it!

carma said...

or should I say new/old bike!