Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Vomiting on the Page

Not sure where I'm going with this today but decided to just start typing, "vomit" on the page, as one writing instructor told me. 

It's Wednesday morning and from the view from my window right now, quite beautiful, windy.  I got the day started with Wade and an excellent training day then home to find The Hubby grousing about the new audio system.  He was trying to get it on to workout at home in the new home gym and it would not come on, the music part.  He was ticked off, as was I because we spent a LOT of money on the darn thing and can't get it to work.  In fact, we couldn't even get it to turn off once it was on.  Never got the music to actually play, but the system was on saying it was playing!  Frustrating.  On the way back from my trainer I decided to spend time on the new bike but with The Hubby huffing and puffing around on his equipment and angry I was afraid it was not going to happen.  Finally, I just ignored him and hopped on to begin the pedaling.  About 35 minutes later and I was DONE!  Adding this more and more to my workout should help me start really losing, I hope! 

Yesterday in art class I was happy to finish yet another painting.  It's of our nephew and his beautiful little girl, our great niece.  I snagged the pic from her mommas Facebook page and just had to paint it.  I love her little hand on her daddy's back, it spoke to me.  I'm giving it to them.

Today is of course dance day so doing the bike thing was probably not good as I will be pooped tonight, but that may work out as sleeping has been tough.  Last night I slept pretty well if you don't count the nasty dream about a HUGE snake!  Then I wake up to the news and pictures of a huge python that swallowed an entire deer.  ICK!  Really don't mind snakes too much but spiders....EEK!!! 

Well, that worked fairly well, vomiting on the page.  At least I have some words to share.  Later gator's!


Anonymous said...

That painting is awesome!!! I LOVE it - seriously LOVE it!!!

Kay said...

This is such a sweet painting! I'll bet they loved it.

An entire deer? Sheesh!