Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sniffles, Cricks, Food & Fun

Yesterday The Hubby and I took a long drive to Ft. Smith, Arkansas to see a lady about some tin.  It was a rainy day but a very pleasant drive over there. 

The Hubby found her at the flea market several weeks ago and what she does he thought would be great for some architectural interest in our new bathroom.  These are some of her work.  They are mostly old ceiling tiles that she paints and then seals.  Beautiful stuff.

This is what we bought.  I love it and it does show something besides just painted walls here.  I have got to see about some photos or painting something for the walls too.   

Friday afternoon I looked out the window of our "old" laundry room and this is what I saw.  Isn't that maple just stunning red.  I love it. 
That night we grilled a steak and I fried up some of Daddy's green tomatoes from his three plants in his yard. 
Amazing that he was not home all summer long but his dear buddy Jay planted those three plants in Daddy's backyard and they were absolutely neglected.  No water, no fertilizer, yet they were the most beautiful plants I have ever seen, and we had a drought!  They didn't put many red tomatoes on but the darn things were loaded with enough green tomatoes...YUMMY!

Poor The Hubby has been battling a head cold for the past few days and this morning my nose is giving me fits.  I hope to goodness I do NOT get his cold.  I do NOT have time to get sick.  I was up a bit before five to feed little Clayton and spent some time looking around the blog world when I got up for another cup of coffee.  I stretched and WHAM!, my neck and shoulder blades spasmed and I had a crick.  B has been battling one all week long and here I go.  It happens to me when the cold weather hits and it was cold this morning.  I've been back to bed with a good dose of Aleve and will probably lay down here again to hopefully let it release.  ARGHHHH!

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