Monday, November 07, 2011


This past weekend we had it all planned to take Daddy to the cabin for the weekend.  He's doing so much better and I knew that he would love the fall air and beauty of Oklahoma that surrounds our cabin, oh and the fishing.  We began the preparation of a big brisket dinner on Saturday night to celebrate his being there and what we ended up with was a lot of smiling.  Actually, on Friday night Harri had a crowd over to their cabin for an impromptu of pizza, wine and cigars (for the guys).  Daddy bundled up and made his way next door (with the help of The Hubby) his walker, and I had his glass of sangria wine.  Daddy had a hard time hearing but he was all smiles and laughing.  He ate pizza and enjoyed several glasses of his wine and the next thing I saw he was enjoying a cigar!  Wow, haven't seen that in a long time.  We eventually ended up around a huge fire pit and his fear of being cold and wanting to go home early was quickly gone. 

The next day he was up at 4 (doesn't sleep much) and we slept till about 7.  I made him fried eggs and bacon and he wolfed down his chow.  It was a beautiful day, crisp and sun shining.  The Hubby asked Daddy if he wanted to go with him to get some shad (The Hubby catches it himself) for fishing and then cast a line or two.  Well, let me tell you Daddy was moving fast with his walker heading for the door with his coat and hat ready to go.  They fished and Daddy caught the one and only fish.  Look at that smile!  That is what it is all about isn't it.

Saturday B came to spend the night too and enjoy the brisket dinner.  We had a houseful of people, good food, music and lots more smiling for Daddy.  The unexpected surprise was that we had an earthquake.  The Hubby was dozing on one of the couches, Daddy and I were sitting on the other one when it began to audibly rumble and shake, rattle and roll!  B was standing with the granddog, Mondo and he kind of splayed out his legs and the eyes were huge.  Daddy and I sat on the edge of the couch raising our voices, "IT'S AN EARTHQUAKE!"  Our high pitch scared voices woke The Hubby who probably would not have felt or heard it.  In mid rumble the phone started ringing and I thought it might be Harri but it was B2 in Tulsa and he was a rock-n-rolling there too.  WOW, that was a first for me and I think all of us except B who experienced one in Mexico.

The earthquake will be the talk for a long time for sure.  Sunday morning Daddy got up at what he thought was 5 but was in reality only 3 am!  We let him drink his coffee and tend the dogs for a bit while catching a bit more shut eye.  Sadly, once up and around we all started to load up to head home.  I told him if he wanted to come back for the community turkey dinner in a couple of weeks he could.  I'm not sure if he will because we wore him out or because it will be a bit colder and he was not on board for that.  A good time he had for sure and the smile continued all weekend long. 
I love this of B and Daddy!

Little Clayton was exhausted too.  B brought Mondo and those two were a going constantly.  Clayton made Daddy's lap his usual place all weekend.  Daddy really enjoyed having a dog to pet. 


Cindy said...

I'm happy that your Dad is doing so well and had such a good time this weekend!

Sweet Tea said...

What a good daughter you are and I love the photo of your dad with the Fish!! :-)