Sunday, July 31, 2011

Water, Water

We are in a drought and my poor little hostas are feeling the effects

and the clematis 

Little Clayton was ready for the ride home after a Friday night at the cabin.  He has gotten so much better with the car sickness.  He is quite happy to sleep in his crate in the middle of the back seat.  This is from the ride up the road to the trash bins then the crate he goes. 
There's still some green but won't last long.  May be an ugly fall because the leaves will already have dropped.  We need a bit of rain for a month or so. 

I'm reminded yet again of Little Audrey and The Rainmaker cartoon:

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Kay said...

I hope you get more rain. Strangely, our summer here in Hawaii has been more like winter. We've been getting drizzles every other day. Things are green, but my mom is frustrated with her laundry drying on the clothes line.