Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Surgery is Done

Surgery is done.  Yesterday I met Bro and Daddy at the hospital at 1:30 for his check-in.  We were quickly taken to a pre-surgery room where we waited.  Daddy's baby sister GiGi came about 4 and we were still waiting.  The Hippy Doc came in early in the wait to check Daddy's wound area and was tsk-tsking about it, saying it might not work out.  We were bragging that the wound looked great and healed but he said that they would open up the area and test the tissue, take out the spacer ,and if the pathology showed infection still, he would just close it up.  Bro and I were deflated and very concerned during the whole surgery.  Finally, at 4:30 he was wheeled out to see what would happen.  They said that if he was out of surgery quick that would not be a good sign.  We waited.  The longer we waited was very encouraging.  The Hubby brought us sandwiches so we wouldn't miss that all important phone call.  Finally at 7:30 the phone rang and Bro answered it with a thumbs up.  Whew!  Hippy Doc said that Daddy would have a limp, which I figured since they had to take out a bit of damaged bone, and that he COULD NOT put any weight on the leg for 4-6 weeks since there was not a lot to work with and a lot of cement to keep it together.  He would have extensive re-hab there at the hospital too.  After the phone call from Hippy Doc we all three started calling people to let them know what happened.  Then we settled in for the recovery wait time.  GiGi went home but we appreciated her being there.  Finally at 10:15 we saw Daddy being wheeled to his new room for awhile.  He looked good but groggy.  We were drained from the long day of waiting as were our phone batteries.  It was a long day but hopefully we are on the mend!  Thanks for the prayers and well wishes for Daddy.  I will keep everyone posted. 

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