Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

It is Saturday morning and it is the calm before the storm. The storm being the bazillion people that will descend upon our little oasis under the sun.  I was up early and it was still quiet with only the birds singing the the birth of yet another morning.  It is only a little after nine and the golf carts are whizzing past with giggling kiddos and chatty adults.  On the chart of events this morning is the Donut Dangle, Egg Relay and Apple Bobbing, and more for the kiddos.  About 11:30 will be the best dressed dog parade.  Lots and lots of kids and dogs will be in attendance, not Clayton.  The Hubby has just taken Clayton for his usual run in the meadow and I'm on pins and needles with all the children.  Clayton LOVES kids and since he will be free of the leash I'm very nervous that he may get away.  I scolded and warned and pretty much YELLED at The Hubby to never take his eye off of Clayton.  On a good day he can lose the little guy, coming back to the cabin requesting my assistance to look for him.  I'm a bit on edge. 

Happy 4th to one and all.

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Kay said...

I'm wishing you all a happy 4th! Clayton and your husband included.