Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Break Is Sometimes Good

I've been on a break this week from blogging and it can sometimes be good, at least I hope.  Just not a lot to say or a lot I can't say here.  We enjoyed a very hot week at the cabin this past weekend.  It was definitely an oven with the mornings and late evenings enjoyable.  I finished two more books, Short Girls by Bich Minh Nguyen and The Paris Wife which everyone is reading right now.  Seems I am getting a lot read this year with the list at 25 finished so far.  I guess I'm burying myself into fiction instead of my real life lately and that is not a bad thing.  This week is Daddy's pre-op appointment and surgery next week.  Hope and pray it is a go.  We have just got to get him fixed and out of that wheelchair.   I am so afraid this could be permanent and if it is we will have to MAKE him go to an assisted living as the house cannot be modified for him. 

Oooo, back to a peaceful weekend...Clayton and The Hubby enjoyed a swim Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.  Back at the cabin it was to the showers though just in case that dreaded blue-green algae is on their bod's.  We have an outdoor shower and The Hubby made use of it - - - - -

Yes, he is naked behind that grill.  Thank goodness this weekend was like a ghost town there.


Austin said...
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carma said...

I've been trying to post fewer posts and get out and do more instead this summer too. Glad your summer is going well. I like that outdoor shower

Nice that you are fitting in lots of reading!
BTW the previous comment was because my son was still logged in - sorry for the mixup.
blogger commenting seems to be acting weird too...