Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Worst Case

This is the worst case of writers block I have ever experienced.  My mind is drawing such a blank on anything to write here, I don't understand it.  Maybe it is because the crap that has been going on in my life, I can't put it down in words.  I guess I'll just update on a few things.  It is what it is.

Daddy - Daddy is doing well, or as well as can be expected without a hip.  He is still home and getting along fine except there has occured a small unbroken sore on his hipless leg.  That has me very concerned because that is how the original thing started.  He is to go to the doctor on Thursday and I assumed I would take him but he reminded me that Bro has too, that I'm not strong enough to pull the wheelchair and him up the steps.  Point taken, so Bro is the chosen one.  Plus he has to take him every two weeks for blood work at the infectious disease doctor (that sounds awfult to me).  So far it has been Bro and I doing for Daddy as the Sis has been elsewhere, not sure where, in town, but elsewhere!

The remodel is moving along, slowly.  The patio has been poured and is curing, waiting to be stained.  Next on the agenda is the floor and the heat tape that The Hubby has to install before we tile.  That means we have got to pick out some flooring and shower tile and countertops.  Yesterday I met with The Hubby's brother PS.  He's a designer and was great help in deciding a color for the walls and we will go tile shopping tomorrow.  Once the floor is in then paint and hopefully by then the cabinetry will be well on its way to being built.  The guy we want is not returning our calls as he is on a huge project.  I hope he can help us, he's an artist with wood.  I'm ready to be done!

See did write something here, not much but something.  Sometimes you just have to write and see where it goes. 

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