Thursday, June 09, 2011

Tile, Marble, Granite...EGAD

Yesterday, I met the Bro-In-Law (he's a designer) at one of the first tile stores to help with the massive search for flooring, shower, and counter top stuff.  EGAD...We were sure that after only one stop that the choices were going to be easy and I was so very happy with it.  We found this long glass tile stuff for some pop of color, for the top of the back splash.  I am IN LOVE with it. 

The paint color we have chosen is a couple shades lighter than the master bedroom of Richmond Gold (a gold brown shade).  We found a floor I just love and the peeble look for the floor of the shower.  The shower walls we were not too sure since one tile guy said no way for honed granite or travertine because of upkeep.  Crap. 

The wood sample is the wood floors throughout the house.

Then The Hubby decided he just had to be a part of the looking, not purchasing.  Well, that put a bunch of kinks in our decisions and then he suggested we go to another place he knew of for the marble/granite/travertine selections.  Oh my gosh, so many choices and I was at a loss for what I wanted and to match what I already loved.  Then there was "it can't be too thick, it can't be too slick, it can't be...".  MAN! 

Then, I ran across this little jewel.  It is called Opera Fantastico(?), is marble and I fell in love with it.  I was even willing to change some of my previous choses...
I LOVE this, BUT there may not be enough and it has been in their storage for 4 years and probably can't get more...DRAT!  We may have to make it work anyway. 
Today we go again to check out a couple more places, that is all, and a decision will be made! 

We have GOT to find a carpenter to build our cabinets ASAP! 

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I love looking at stuff like that, its the choosing that is difficult.