Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pinkie & Blue Boy

When I was a young girl at elementary school my most vivid memory was walking through the front doors and seeing two paintings (copies) by Thomas Lawrence (Pinkie) and Thomas Gainsborough (Blue Boy).  I actually found copies that I want to believe might have come from the school at an antique store some years ago.  B found me some smaller copies a few years ago too.  Anyway, those paintings have been a part of our lives in other ways too.  Many years ago we had a couple of cats named Alice and Sasha and then one day we were faced with a couple of ferrel kittens on our doorstep.  We tamed them and had them spayed and neutered and shots given on the idea that we would find homes for them.  I decided to give them generic names, Pinkie and Blue Boy, from my past.  We had those wonderful kittens for 12 and 17 years and they were the best.
Blue Boy 

The past week B went to visit A in California and they took an excursion to the Huntington Library where on permanent display hang the original paintings, Pinkie and Blue Boy.

The girls just had to see them because even though the paintings were a huge part of my life, they were a part of their lives too.  They said seeing them was an emotional experience, they were so beautiful and meant so much to them too.  I have to make that trip too sometime.
Blue Boy

The girls, although their visit was short had an awesome visit spending sister time.

B also got to enjoy the vocal stylings of A at a wine bar at open mic night that she often performs on Sunday evenings.


b&b breakfast said...

Superb Posting ! Beautiful Pinkie looking and pretty your Looks.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is incredible! I, too, grew up with Pinky and Blueboy.My mother worked at the Huntington and I often visited her at work, and I remember walking into that grand entry way and was awed by the paintings. I was at a junk store the other day, and there were two reproductions of them both...I don't know where I will put them, but they evoked incredible memories and I just had to have them! . I bought them for $75 for both. After checking the internet, I think they are worth anywhere from $150 to $695 each. Good buy!