Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday, The Day After

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday.  I went to see Daddy and just hung out with him yesterday.  We chatted and I fixed something on his computer.  I assessed his food in the freezer and decided that a run to the store wasn't necessary until about Wednesday.  I took his trash out and cleaned his toilet.  That was my time with Daddy yesterday.  I feel so bad that he is really stuck in that house.  He sits in his front doorway, with it open, just taking in what fresh air he can.  I have toyed with the idea of a ramp so he could go outside, but he only has a month left before the surgery and I HOPE that he will not need it after.  We take him to the doctor every two weeks and that is a trial in itself, especially since the last ordeal of me dropping him.  I really wish the doctor would get it together and push him up on the surgery list.  This waiting is agonizing for Daddy and us.  I want him mobile again so he can get out and do stuff.  I want to take him to restaurants and to the cabin and fishing.  It's just sad and depressing. 

Last week I did yoga on Monday and Friday really enjoying it.  Today I was going to get up and go but I don't have to leave this house for anything today and that is what I plan on doing.  I don't have to be at work or workout or the store or appointments or anything!  I'm staying put.  If I don't want to get dressed, then I won't.  If I don't want to brush my teeth, then I won't (not really).  I am washing the sheets from the bed because Clayton got sick last night on them.  I am going to blog, read blogs and paint.  Time to myself with no workers and no place to go.  Now that is a Monday. 

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