Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wine, Food and the Toilet

Last night was a wonderful evening of wine tasting and the most fabulous food at the cabin retreat area.  The catering was a company called Eats2u and was just AHHHHHH...the only word I can come up with.  We had scallops, lamb (I'm not fond of), cinnamon crusted tilapia (yum) and lots and lots of wine.  I must stay I was cautious on the wine front as my tummy was having an acid reflux issue.  The whole thing for 32 people was supposed to be set up along the creek and would have been just stunning but alas the rains had caused the creek and adjoining river to flood.  We all gathered for the evening in one of the larger cabins and it was set up in their screened porch, very, very large porch with tables, candles, flowers and the tables set exquisitely.  After the dinner music was turned up and dancing ensued, lots and lots of dancing.  I sort of danced around a bit as I was dragged into the midst of the gyrating group but my tummy was starting to act funny.  I told The Hubby I thought I needed to leave and he put me off dancing off into the crowd.  He was a madman on the dance floor and the women loved it.  He was having a grand time while I was getting sicker by the minute.  He got angry with me because I didn't dance with my husband as it truly would have been a mistake.  I made my way to the golf cart to wait for him and breathe in the cool air as my stomach churned when suddenly my $125 dinner came up, several times while I waited in the dark cool air.  I got my composure and stumbled towards the door to get him when he appeared and took me back to our cabin where I spent most of the night in pain and hovering over the toilet.  What a crappy end to a fabulous evening and he was still mad at me.  I think the culprit is scallops.  I got sick like this the last time I ate them a few months ago.  Not good.

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