Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Move

Yesterday they moved Daddy, via ambulance to the nursing home.  We were told that the move would take place at 1 then 4pm.  I came to wait with Daddy after my art class about 3.  We waited and waited and about 6:10 the ambulance arrived.  Daddy didn't eat his dinner because he was so anxious.  I was watching the clock because The Hubby and I were set to take a private dance lesson at 7 to prepare for the gala dance on Saturday night.  I knew The Hubby would be madder than a hornet if I missed the lesson so I was anxious too.  Finally he was on his way to the nursing home where Bro was waiting for his arrival.  We tag-teamed the whole ordeal.  This morning I slept in because doggone it I'm tired, my back hurts and my feet hurt.  Yesterday was a very long day.  Now, today, I need to ready myself to visit Daddy in the nursing home that Momma took her last breath in.  Not real sure how I will handle that but I have to.  So this post is short but informative.  Later all and I promise when all this crap is on the back burner I will get back to more interesting posts. 

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