Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hip, Hip, Hooray

Wednesday I had a physical at the doctors office, blood drawn, step on the scale, EKG, chit-chat, paperwork, blood pressure taken...all the usual stuff.  First of all was the scale, the dreaded scale.  Well, what-da-ya-know, it hadn't budged since the last time I had been there, last fall.  Drat, drat, drat.  All the treadmill work, eating so differently, no fast food and the damn thing was the same.  Some of my clothes are so loose on me and people are really able to see the difference in my face, yet that scale!  Of course the next step, blood pressure, was up.  Figures.  Dr. TL asked if anything was going on.  Ha-Ha-Ha.  Well, here we go...I proceeded to tell him I was of course upset by the scale but he reminded me of the conversation we've had so many times, that I have changed so much in my diet and lifestyle, that muscle weighs more than fat and DON'T WORRY.  Okay, okay.  Then I told him about the stuff going on with Daddy and he said well, that will surely do it.  Then he wanted to do the BP again and we started to talk about my painting, he paints too, well, what-da-ya-know the BP started going down.  Whew.  He did suggest that I get a BP cuff but I really don't want to admit to any of that you know.  We will see how the blood work goes, think my thyroid may need to adjusted.

Friday was to be a day off of work but it certainly was not a day off from life.  I went to visit Daddy and he looked horrible.  He said he had a tummy ache but really it was a bit of constipation and that puts him in a funk.  He has been kind of nasty to the staff because he is bored and does not feel well.  While there the case worker on staff came in to talk to me.  They want to release him April 11.  Okay, then where does he go and she again mentioned him going home.  WHOA...hold on there partner, that is not going to happen.  First of all he has NO HIP and his leg is 5 inches shorter than the other one.  Second is that he is on an IV drip.  She understood pretty quick that he has to go to a skilled nursing care facility.  Really I thought that was where he was now.  So now we are in that world again, like mother.  Shiver, bad memories.  I contacted the siblings and they are quite okay with whatever I decide.  Oh man, I don't want to do this but I guess I'm there, again.  Last night was searches on about nursing facilities close to us and the siblings so we can all visit him often.  Daddy understands that this is a necessary step in his healing even though he wants to go home very bad.  I have to be a bit stern with him, in a nice way about how this is going to have happen and that if he gets more mobile and heals quick then he will get the new hip and be home before you know it.  I can tell you now I am going to REALLY think hard if a doctor EVER wants to replace my hip at this point. 


Joan said...

No wonder your bp won't behave! We went through that sond and dance with my husband's grandfather and it really takes a lot out of you.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

No wonder your blood pressure is so high. Sorry about your Dad.