Thursday, April 07, 2011

Daddy and Good Food

Again I apologize for not being here much but, well, you know.  This week has been a whirlwind and after visiting a few nursing homes on Monday and finally making a decision of where would be the best place for Daddy, well the best laid plans can be changed.  We found out that Daddy will go to the same place Momma was when she died and we are okay with it but I so wish the social worker had let me know that it was just about the ONLY place where he could go with a wound-vac.  All that stress and work for nothing.  Really.  Anyway, Daddy totally understands and is ready.  This morning as I went in to see him the first thing he told me is that he lost one of his hearing aids.  Great, $3500, just great.  Guess we'll be yelling a lot for awhile. 

Tonight we went to dinner with my dear friend, C and her hubby Dr. H.  We decided to try a new restaurant called Go West.  I must tell you it was absolutely delicious.  I was going to have pictures but my camera phone was dead and C's email pic's have not hit my inbox yet.  The food is described as Cowboy  Cuisine but let me tell you it was far from Cowboy Cuisine, it was YUMMY Cuisine!  We shared an appetizer of Brisket Taquitos, to die for.  For dinner I had a beef tenderloin on mushroon enchiladas
that was perfect and then various desserts were shared:  Chocolate Diablo (ancho chile infused cake w/peanut butter mousse), Mango-Coco Tacos in a almond cookie shell, and The Hubby and I shared, excuse me while I wipe the drool..., Fried Apple Pie w/vanilla ice cream.  That was the best dessert I have had in ages and was NOT on my diet.  The place was just packed and a MUST to visit if you are in the area. 

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Cindy said...

Sorry about all you are having to deal with for your Dad. It's tough, I know. Glad you had a nice dinner at Go West. We've not been there yet, but want to go. I've heard nothing but good reviews about the place.