Monday, November 01, 2010

My Sunday

Feeling a bit under the weather I was glad to be able to just lay around the house all day and not lift much more than my little pinky but ...

I needed to clean out the canary cage so I lifted it up and started to carry it to the laundry room to clean out when...BANG

The top of the cage snapped... 

I was scrambling because there was not bottom left or top on the cage, just a tube.  There was a scared canary and a very excited dog that likes small animals, to eat!!!!!  I was too late, as my canary whooshed right through the top of the cage with Clayton tearing after it.  I knew it was okay up high and would probably take for the curtains as I SCREAMED at him.  Quick as I could I went climbing into the attic for the extra cage and stand and that is very scary for me.  I started to get the seeds cleaned up and then decided I had better try to get the bird.  She was exactly where I thought, in my dining room curtains but fell to the floor and again I was screaming at the ever present Clayton.  The bird...(let me explain that I named her once but have forgotten the name so she is the bird)...flew past me into a wall and hit the floor and I was able to scoop her up and get her into her new home.  Whew, that done it was time to get the bird litter, seed and water off the floor.  I just thought I wanted to rest on Sunday. 

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