Saturday, September 04, 2010


Sorry I didn't post yesterday.  I'm mad at myself but it was beyond my control.  Thursday night our Internet went down and was down all day.  Finally, The Hubby, after rebooting the router numerous times got it up and running just in time to leave for the cabin.  Then we hit the ground running for a steak cookout at a neighboring ranch.  It was great fun.  I also had to spend a little bit of time yesterday at the minor emergency.  I am having some weird rash thing on my arms and lower part of my legs.  Not sure what is setting me off but it has got to something in the air that I'm breathing in I guess.  I spent most of the night Thursday scratching throughout the restless night of sleep.  I got a steriod shot to help and Benadril to alleviate the itching.  Needless to say I've also been sleeping a bit.  Here's some random pic's from last night!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Its ok if you miss a day or two! Interesting pics. I like random photos like that.

Kay said...

Hope you're feeling better and the itching is gone. I know how aggravating that can be.