Sunday, September 12, 2010

Closet Cleanout was a closet
I started pulling out stuff that was on the floor, shoes, clothes...
purses, belts, boots...

I filled 6 black plastic bags and lined them in the hallway.

I built the 9 bin storage cube (bought at Target) and on the last nail driven I smashed the thumb...OUCH!
Much better don't you think. 

All through the clean out I tried on clothes that I had not worn in ages and deemed either out of style or will never wear again.  This little number I bought a couple of years ago and did not try on.  Of course it didn't fit, BUT...I tried it on and it now fits and is even a tad big.  It's wonderful.  It goes back in the closet ready for a Christmas party. 
There is still another closet to go and one I've already tackled before but it has become a disaster zone yet again.  So onward I go!


Janie B said...

I love to clean out my closets. It's such a satisfying feeling. Good for you!

Kay said...

What a coincidence! I'm posting a closet post today, too. We just put in new shelving. Isn't it the greatest feeling? Your closet looks amazing. I'm a real closet freak.

Peggy said...

Ha, well that makes three of us.
My closet is actually looking pretty darn good. Still more organizing to do but I feel great about it. I still think that I could go through the closet one more time and throw more stuff away.
PS I remember quite a while ago you said. closet is throwing up in my bedroom.
I wanted to tell you that I quote you all the time, I still LOL!