Monday, July 12, 2010

McLinky Monday: What Are Your Strange Remedies

McLinky Monday at the RHOK is "What are your strange remedies."  Hmmm, that made me think.  One the ones listed was using earwax for healing...ick, but I know some old remedies do work.  Let met think... 

  • The old favorite is aloe for burns.  My mother used to have a huge aloe plant and when you got burned she would break off a piece and rub it on your burn.  Sometimes if not all from the leaf was used she would put it in the freezer for later use.  Now it is used for eye gels (Mary Kay) and will put it in the refrigerator to take the puffiness out of eyes. 
  • Plant dill and marigolds around your tomato plants.  The tomato worms will prefer the dill for sure, I've seen it.  Those tomato worms are scary dudes and will rear back like they will attack you if you try to grab them...ICK!
  • When I was little and got ear infections, mainly swimmers ear, I remember either my Daddy or Uncle Wayne blowing cigarette smoke in my ears to make the pain go away.  Worked!
  • For upset tummies we used to be able to get straight Coke syrup from the pharmacist.  I can't remember how much or how we took it but that also worked.  So maybe a little just plain Coke for the tummy.
Well, I guess that is all I am able to come up with this early Monday morning.  Yes, I know one of them is not a remedy but that is all I had.  I'm sure my Dad would have more and for sure my Momma if she were still here.  My girls will probably remind me later of some that escape me for now.


Afton said...

nail polish on mosquito bites to keep you from scratching!
gargling warm salt water for a sore throat.
super glue as a make-shift bandaid.

I mainly just remember you telling me to take an advil, go take a poo, or drink water for any ailment hahahaha

Beth Zimmerman said...

I thought this was a tough one to come up with answers for! You did much better than I did! I think the trick with the cigarette smoke was the warm air. I use a blow dryer (on low) when I get an earache.

Anonymous said...

My dad had a bunch of them but I was a 20 when he died, and in the Army and just got married. I never asked him for any recipes for some of his ointments. Speaking of recipes...

I need help.

I am trying to get some favorite family recipes from some of my favorite bloggers. I even started a new blog to hold them and I have already received some submissions and more have been promised.

I would like for you to type out your favorite family recipe. Nothing fancy, just whatever type is on your machine. Include your photo of yourself or of the dish you send or both. I can usually use your blogging profile photo if that is OK with you. Include the recipe.

I will post your recipe with your pictures and I am working on whether or not to include links. Links are no problem but so many people switch blogging services and that would make your link non-working, so I will probably not link your blog.

Send the recipe, with your photo and a photo of your recipe in a dish or whatever, to:

Thank you for your recipe.

Abe Lincoln

ShaRhonda said...

Oh, I keep thinking of more as I read the posts and comments. Love yours! ♥Mrs. Hart♥

ShaRhonda said...

I keep thinking of more as I read the posts and comments. I love yours! ♥Mrs. Hart♥

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Thanks for stopping by today! You are the 2nd person to tell that cigarette smoke one! Ewwwww! :-)

Territory Mom said...

I could some of that Coke syrup!!