Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Fine Saturday Morning...But Wait

It is a fine Saturday morning.  I was up at 7 this morning because my hands and the carpel tunnel thing would not let me sleep.  That is okay though as I didn't want to miss the cool part of the day.  They are of course predicting 100+ degrees today and many more days but hey, that is Oklahoma summer.  (Check out the photo...the moon is still in the sky and it is 8:39 AM.)  I plan on doing absolutely nothing this weekend but sit in my chair on my porch with a fan blowing directly on me and finishing Eat, Pray, Love just in time for the movie.  A little journaling will be in store but basically, nothing!  This past week I know I didn't say anything, but Monday was 4 years since we lost Momma.  I decided not to recoginze that day.  It should not be an anniversary of her passing but I need to celebrate every day that she was with us.  Celebrate all the things that she taught me in my life and my girls.  Okay, now that is all on the subject.  On the other side is that on Wednesday my sweet Daddy will be 75 years old.  He is still rocking along and will celebrate the day with having all of his sisters and probably their hubby's over for dinner, which he will cook. 
He was stressing a bit about what to cook and I suggested he buy some of the frozen lasagnas and a salad and french bread and that would be easy and good.  He loved the idea and has purchased the lasagnas but wants my help on suggestions on the bread and salad, again.  No problem.  The problem is that according to him the duct work under his house has fallen and he's losing all of his cool air under the house.  That his electric bills are $20 higher and he is burning up.  Ummm, well, Daddy the temperature for the past month has been hovering close to and touching 100 degrees...If he is correct then heating up the house with the oven is not going to be a very good idea.  We'll get it figured out somehow.  Maybe can cook the stuff at my sister's and have her daughter bring it over.  Yeah that might work...Hey Sis!!!

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