Monday, September 07, 2009

More Clayton

Since he is the new addition to the family he will probably be mentioned a bit much here so forgive me.

We started this process of the new little guy when a friend called and asked if we would like to have Clayton.  We have always loved him and jokingly said we would take him, often.  Well, she called us on it a couple of weeks ago.  After a lot of thinking and discussion we decided that we would make a perfect family for him to adopt.  So the first thing that had to be done was a new doggie door in the wall of our laundry room.  It is automatic.  He has a little magnet on his collar and when he approaches, the door opens and out he goes.  Clayton is used to a doggie door so it took all of 5 minutes to manage it.  A lot less time than it took for The Hubby to install said door.  Wow, a chore as he had to cut the brick on the outside.  Tools assembled and ear plugs ready I was there to aid in the job. 

The aftermath for an afternoon job.  It was done and we were ready. 
Our first night was fairly uneventful.  The kind friend, his previous owner said it might be best to keep him in his carrier for the night but I think it was too small for him.  Plus, he is such a lover and in such need of human touch that he began whining about 2 hours into the sleep.  The Hubby said to me, "Do you want to put a blanket on the floor or on the end of the bed...(silence) or do you want me too."  I responded, "YES."  I got up for the entire lives of our girls and previous kitties and doggies, it is his turn.  He took Clayton out of the carrier, nearly falling over in the process and making sure he just didn't need to go outside.  Back to bed, blanket at the end of the bed between us, Clayton promptly moved up and snuggled next to The Hubby!  HA!  With previous pets we have owned, I have always been the one they sleep with or interupt sleep of and it is about time he stepped up.  Clayton slept all night long very contentedly, on the other hand, I was awake and it took about 2 hours for me to drop off again.  ARGGGHHH!

Today I am enjoying the morning reading blogs and writing here but I now have a lap top on my lap desk with the lap dog.


Janie B said...

What a lucky pup!

Char said...

you all are a great mommy/daddy team

Susan said...

What a sweet story. I'm sure he will be a great addition to the family.

Kay said...

I've never heard of an automated door. You're lucky to have such a handy husband, too. I can see Clayton has daddy all wrapped around his finger alreday.

♥georgie♥ said...

awww how sweet is that pic of the lap doggers and who knew they made magnetic collars for auto doggie doors how incrediably cool is that!
Happy labor day carla

carma said...

the perfect lap dog, indeed!

carma said...

I wanted to mention that a blogger friend of mine who has terriers mentioned a fun photo contest that is a fund raiser for Fox Terrier Rescue. You may want to check it out: since Clayton is such a cute terrier

lagirl/sweet tea said...

Sweet Clayton.
I LOVE dogs!
Congrat's on your new "baby"!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

LOL at him picking the hubby's side of the bed, wtg you!