Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hanging of The Bras

The weekend is over.  The Hanging of The Bras weekend 2009 is done.  Whew!  What a weekend with my girlfriends.  We had a couple of last minute cancellations, one whose grandson was being rushed to the hospital with swine flu and pnemonia.  We we very concerned but found out late yesterday that he was better and being transfered to a regular room from from the ICU.  Very, very scary stuff.  We couldn't have asked for a better weekend weather wise.  It was just fantastic cool weather and so nice that the windows and doors stayed open all weekend long.  When I first arrived, a few hours early, I used the time to enjoy the day with a ride on the golf cart down to the creek.  The water was way up because of all the rain, so much so that I couldn't get down to the boat dock because the road was under water. 

This used to be the road to the creek till the rains in spring washed it away.  The water is so much deeper now. 
The ride took me to a sight, thousands, I said thousands of dragonflies were swarming around the shallow water by the road.  I tried to take pictures but they would not land anywhere.  It was a sight to see blue, orange, brown and green dragonflies everywhere.  My first thought was to get on of the ladies that was coming there as soon as possible because she collects dragonfly anything.  She would love it.  Unfortunately, by the time they arrived there were only a few left.  Saturday we took a ride down there to see if they were back but there weren't many.  We looked and looked but it was for naught.

The whole weekend was spent bonding and talking and confiding with each other about our joys and sadnesses.  We talked about why blue whales have such a large penis and that it is sheathed in a special sac or it would drown because it is so large.  Hmmm... That elephants can't thrust during sex because it would kill the female but that their special member actually thrusts itself.  All this was learned from reading Reader's Digest.  I do believe I need to re-look a subscription to that little magazine.  Then another talked about how whales turn sideways and do the deed, sort of a drive-by mating.  We discussed vibrators and the need whether you are married or not and that the use does not have to be alone but integrated in the marriage.  Hmmm.  One friend told of cleaning out her daughters old room when they were moving and finding a vibrator amoung the left stuff.  We talked about the H1N1 flu and the Swine flu and I was amazed that some of them did not know that they were one in the same and that if you get a flu shot this fall you will need two, H1N1/Swine and the regular flu shot.  We talked about alcoholic parents and spouses, marriages and the possible demise of one of the ladies on union.  It was a rather sad subject and very fresh for her but we were there for her.  We had a really interesting weekend full of all kinds of stuff.  That's what it's all about, isn't it. 

One last picture of a small mushroom I found just outside the screen door in the flowerbed. 


Char said...

LOL sounds like a very educational weekend. :) glad you had a good time with your friends.

Janie B said...

Glad you had fun with your friends. What a cool mushroom! I've never seen one like that.

Kay said...

So happy to see what a great time you all had. Also glad to know the grandson is better. It's scary to think of swine flu.

That mushroom almost looks like candy.

Anonymous said...

Times have changed a lot. When I was a child, of teenage years, the guys who drove cars, drove them around with bras hanging on their rearview window.

Kathryn Magendie said...

*laughing!* hanging of the bras! :)

Cindy said...

I love the "Hanging of the Bras" name for the weekend. Too funny!

Dandy said...

That mushroom looks straight out of a fairy tale.

I just love girls weekends!