Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What to do first.

I am at a loss today for words which may coincide with my loss at finding a starting point. I decided last week, after a prompting from a phone call, to clean out the infamous closet. It was partially started by the carpenter when we were in the bathroom remodel mode of which The Hubby decided that we needed to replace all the doors in the house. To get anywhere near the closet door the carpenter had to pull stuff out of the closet, I told him to not put it back. Then the phone call last week made me decide to finish, but, as you will see I am a procrastinator extraordinaire. To finish a project is a really big deal for me as I have a hard time doing it. That is why I like baby blankets because they are small and I don't get bored. I'm also a collector of books in hopes of one day reading them all. (Just some of the many.)More books and lots more mess.

It's really scary isn't it.
I buy containers and fill them and yet I have containers that are quite empty, just taking up more space.
It's a sickness, I'm telling you. I do love that this is MY room and if I want it to stay this way I can but it is beginning to eat on me as it will, contrary to popular The Hubby belief. I do have a clean gene in me, it's just recessive and likes to hide.

Today I'm staying home, at least this AM. I have a painting class today and next week is the last till June. I HAVE to get this room clean so I can set up my paints so I can continue. It is the only room I can do it in and well there is just no room at this moment. I really need to go to the office and do a little invoicing but you know what, I won't today. I'll spend time here trying to get caught up, maybe. Oh gosh I'm so wishy-washy. It is just a little overwhelming. I have to wrap my head around what I really want to do. Maybe I'll have clean up pics to show, soon!


Char said...

:) I know this feeling so well - good luck with your cleaning. I know it will be great when you can get through it.

lagirl said...

My house is neat as a pin (though I don't know why a pin is considered neat), BUT my closet and drawers all need to be re-worked and that is going to be a major job. I feel your pain. It's always something, huh?!

I'm gonna set teeny, tiny goals and not try to do it all in a frenzy. I find that works best for me.

Flea said...

I feel better about my closet now!