Sunday, April 26, 2009

Formal info

Yesterday I posted a picture of the crocheted formal that my mother made for my prom. I was at the cabin so did not have access to the magazine to show the actual magazine she got it out of so here it is. Oh, and by the way, no I did not marry my high school sweetheart. Actually, I really didn't have a sweetheart until I met The Hubby a year out of high school. The guy in the pic was just a guy I dated some, and was "in love" with as are most teenage girls. The cute guy was just a guy. Did you notice the date, 1971!

Excuse me a minute..............My stupid mouse is not working..........I dropped it last night on a hardwood floor and the roller, I found a tiny screwdriver and I have it apart....and...Yipee, I fixed it. Okay, now on to stuff.

This afternoon I attended yet another baby shower for a friends daughter. I've only met the girl a few times but she is a doll and her mother is probably the NICEST person I have ever, ever met in my entire life. I just had to make a blanket for her. I crocheted a cute little sea foam green one that was just perfect. She's having a boy so I'm almost through my stack of blue for boys. I need to have some girls to be born as that stack has not been touched lately. Everybody seems to be having boys.

This weekend we spent time with friends at the cabin and what a nice weekend it was. It was rather low key with a lot of wine, good food and down time with friends. When we drove up the first thing I noticed were my clematises that were blooming. Just beautiful. We have stone ring right off the front porch where once stood a great water oak tree. The tree did not like all the construction we had to do when relocating the nasty septic system and so he died. The Hubby had the top lopped off but left a 7-8' stump sticking out of the stone ring. I got the bright idea last year to fill it further with compost and soil and plant clematis. It gets full sun which are perfect for them. As my Granny used to say, "Heads in the sun, feet in the shade." So I planted and mulched and this year they are spectacular. Last year I planted giant zinnia's around and so when the clematis were through I had flowers all summer long. I will do that again this year but not so giant as they took over but they were stunning.

In the other flowerbed the hostas are up and the tulips are dying back.
My Italian Arum has started to die back. It came from my mother's garden which in turn came from my great grandmother's garden so it is a very old plant. It comes up and is a beautiful dark green with the cream marks about October or November and will stay green all winter until about May then you won't see it again.

Then The Hubby got busy and pulled a stump in another corner flowerbed that died last year. It was very diseased and just couldn't make it. I'm going to work the bed up and plant a Japanese Kerria Shrub there. It has beautiful yellow button flowers that bloom late spring and I've seem them bloom again during the summer. They have a wonderful green stem that stays green all winter long. If you get one BE SURE to get the double. The single is just not as pretty. I like to plant a flowering almond with it as they are smaller but have the same button flowers that are beautiful pink.


Anonymous said...

I want a crocheted made by my momma......

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Wow I cannot believe how far ahead of us you are with your plants. I have the exact same Clematis and just noticed it's finally shooting today!! Flowers are a long way off yet, amazing just 4 hours away!!

Char said...

sounds like a good and productive weekend.

:) hope that you're doing well.

Debbie said...

Those crocheted dresses are so back in style now!