Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A trip to the minor emergency

Well, the hives have hung around all day long so far. After being up at 5 in the morning I finally was able to sleep a little more, till 10am. I arose and decided to shower and realized that the hives had diminished a bit but were still there. I had to go the office and make a deposit but on the way there was having a little shortness of breath and felt like I had a pill or food stuck in my lower throat. I tried to eat a salad but that seemed to make it hurt worse but yet better. A Diet Pepsi made me burp a bit which helped but my voice was raspy and a little tight so I figured I had better make a run to the minor emergency after a run to the house. The Hubby had stopped by so he said he would take me. The decided to put me on steroids and Zyrtec and Benedryl and to watch if any of the symptoms got worse. I went home and slept for another couple of hours and now the hives are gone but still a little raspy. Very strange. The doc and I wondered if I should get another antibiotic but decided to see if my other infection would finish healing up on its own. We'll see. Just going to sleep a lot tomorrow and say goodbye to A as she flies out to California again.


Kim said...

Bless your heart! I hope you get all fixed up soon!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! That is no fun. And the throat tightness is scary.
*West Coastis*