Saturday, August 30, 2008

Temp 87 degrees feels like 95

I just finished helping my friends Sin and Harri put together the community Labor Day breakfast and whew am I bushed. It is 87 degrees here but feels like 95 according to and I truly believe it. We decided to be down at the wigwam about 7 to get things setup after spending yesterday afternoon chopping bell peppers, onions and fruit and scrambling eggs, 10 dozen. The biscuits were pre-made and the gravy you just add water and cook so it really wasn't too bad. Oh and the bacon was done in the microwave 20 pounds. I'm not very hungry right now. It was fun though. I was up at 6:30 to shower and will have to have another shower to rinse off the sweat we worked up feeding all of the 50 or so who showed up. Really I don't think we had that many but that was the total signed up to attend the morning festivities. It is done and I have contributed my services for the year and won't have to do it again for another year. I think I'll just go back in my nice air conditioned cabin, take a cold shower and then a big fat nap and then maybe I'll read later. Tonight is another party of hamburgers and fries and Bare & Sin's and the can throw some kind of shindig! I'm hoping to not have to do anything else this weekend but sleep, read, blog and write for the rest of the weekend. I need to finish getting my rest and keep in good health.

On a final note, the MIL finally closed on her house. HAPPY DAYS! It has been on the market since last October and we are so glad to finally have that burden lifted and carry on with our lives and for her too.

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