Monday, August 25, 2008

New and Old Pictures

This weekend was a full weekend of having A home and it was wonderful. We had a nice time at the cabin and a family dinner for her and The Hubby's birthday. It has been a nice. Alas, she goes home on Wednesday but she is still sleeping in wasting precious time here but that is how it goes. The Hubby and A went fishing and here are a few pic's to catch the moment:

Saturday while waiting for casseroles to bake I scanned some old pictures from my Greatgranny's home in Jay. There are pic's of the barn and family and the house that brings back so many sweet memories of my childhood summers and Thanksgivings. This place is where I learned to love nature, gardening, flowers, bugs, and just critters. I also learned about different people here. My greatgranny, greatgranddaddy, Big Dan (great-uncle) and Ree were awesome when it came to meeting people. You would not know it really as Big Dan was sort of grumpy but people were always stopping in for visits, show off their latest hunting aquistion, having taxes done or just visit. Ree would always offer tea or food and you usually left with one of her handmade potholders and if there weren't any made up she would quickly whip one up in the fruit celler or the back bedroom, wherever the sewing machine might be. If there was a new baby you would go home with a baby "quilt". They were made with a cute fabric on top and the backside would be this fuzzy fabric. My girls had many of these blankets and my kitchen drawers are full of handmade potholders, which I can whip out myself now. I look at these pictures and I'm drawn into memories that are so precious to me and I plan on writing them down instead of just talking about them. I tell lots of stories but just can't seem to get them on paper but one of these days. Actually I've written one about milking in one of my other entrys. I would like to link it here but I'm a novice at that right now. Trust me there is a story about milking. Here are some pictures of the house and barn, garden, and the cattle tunnel under the highway.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures - I love stories of the old days and I hope that one day friends and family will look back at our home with fond memories....