Monday, August 04, 2008

A New Printer

This morning I knew I had to deal with the stupid printer issues and my way to deal is to buy! I got B and she and I took her car to Office Depot and I spent another $499 for another printer and this time I bought the extended warranty, regardless of what The Hubby's policy is. I also found a couple of repair shops that hopefully will repair the stupid 2 month old printer that is sitting on the floor. I'll get it fixed and it can be a back up or I'll give it to B. Finally, after an hour of set up the new printer is working like a charm and I was ready to pay some bills. I entered 30 invoices into my Quickbooks and printed the checks but forgot that I needed to do a run through. I ended up printing on the wrong end of the "30" checks and had to void all of them, reprint then shred them. What a waste.

Oh my goodness it is so very hot today. The A/C at the office is having such a hard time keeping me cool. It is basically a metal building so go figure. At home the A/C has been running since I got home. I had kicked it up to 73 when I left this morning but when I hit home I cranked it down to 70 and it is still running to get there. EGADS! Tonight is going to be terribly uncomfortable sleeping. I hate being menopausal during the summer months. Why work out when you do enough sweating in your sleep.

Today Sis, Bro and I took our Daddy out for lunch for his 73rd birthday. I remember when my parents turned 36. I can't believe he is 73. We took him to McGills because they had a prime rib open faced sandwich for lunch and he LOVES prime rib. Guess what, he ordered fried shrimp? He said the open faced sandwich part just didn't sound good. Oh well, we had wonderful conversation and a nice meal and it was for Daddy. I kept my tongue in check when it came to possibly blurting my anger on the cat issue. I was a good girl.

Our shop/office is located in The Pearl district and in this area there is residential, commercial, and light industrial all mixed together. The area was a test area when developed some years ago. I preface this with the mixture stuff to set the scene. Next door to us on the south side is a mill, wood mill. They make everything from crown molding and even our new kitchen cabinets. To the north of us are houses, low rent, section eight kind of houses (not all). This weekend one of the houses two doors down burned, bad. We have done work for the little lady there. Her daughter usually calls and we have done various electrical stuff (the fire was not electrical). We found out she also has a son and we usually see him walking all over town and thought he was a transient. The little lady was in the hospital before the fire from trying to commit suicide because she didn't think anybody loved her. Her son was apparently living there and the fire started on the front porch from his smoking. The neighbors said that when the fire department arrived he was walking the sidewalks in his pajamas talking weird and sort of out there. Well, they took him off to the psych ward at the hospital. I can't imagine what the little lady is going to feel now that she has no home. So very sad.


Madison Richards said...

Sometimes I wonder if we knew each other's stories - I mean really knew each other - could that change the world?

So glad you had a good time with your dad!

Michael said...

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