Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

Tomorrow is Labor Day and I will spend it here at the lake doing nothing of the sort. It has been a very nice weekend so far. Quiet and the weather sort of okay. Yesterday a weird thunderstorm came up and I was caught at a friends cabin on my golf cart. The lightening was scary and we were on their front porch so I opted to chance it an high-tail it back to the cabin. I had just gotten all dolled up too so I had to re-dry my hair when I got back. Harri and Jimbo, Bare and Sin are all going out on the pontoon boat today, like yesterday with all their kids in tow. We were invited but that is just way too many people on one boat for me and too long on a boat with not facilities save for the lake. I had a little too much to drink last night for that to be an option. I can't stray too far from nights like that and I really don't know how they do it especially since they don't even remember much of last night. I had three shots of tequila and that was quite enough for me although I really didn't get drunk last night, at all. Very weird. On the other hand the others were LOOPED! I can not do that every weekend, no way. Eventually, that will catch up with you as I have seen it in my parents. There is a problem when half your car is loaded down with liquor for the weekend and you, as adults have jello shots in you refrigerator for the college kids. NOPE not for me. The Hubby and I left a little before 10 because we wanted to have some time to ourselves as I have been "out of commission" for about 5 weeks and am now "back in commission." I think we slept for nine hours last night which is what I need.

This week I will start back to workout, which I am missing so badly. I will begin Jazzercise again and then next week add the personal trainer again. I'm going to add it slowly to allow my body to get used to it again after being so ill. This weekend I will read and write and sleep and rest.

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