Friday, August 01, 2008

Kitty Update & returning merchandise -WHAT A DAY

It is Friday night and we decided not to go to the cabin this weekend. Just going to hang around her, at least I'm going to hang, The Hubby won't be able to sit around and will piddle at the shop/office. My cell phone just rang and it was my Sis. I really DID NOT want to talk to her. I had emailed our dad about the cat situation and our brother because I was so very angry. The first of the call was about us going to lunch on Monday. We are taking our father out for his birthday and she was very happy to find out that our Bro will be going with us. She is always on his case for not being more attentive to our father but it is between them, not us. I digress...the phone conversation then turned to the cat, Maggie. She tells me that for the record her husband did not shoot the cat or whatever was my worst thought. She told me he took it to a heavily populated neighborhood and let it go. This is a cat that has not been out of the house for about 5 years and it is totally set free in the heat of the summer and is basically wild. She said that maybe someone will take her in or the dog catcher will get her. I told her that if the pound caught her she will be put down and why didn't they just take her to the vet themselves and do it than letting the poor little suffer, which is what will happen. She doesn't know how to feed herself, kill a mouse or anything and what about water. GOD! I can't believe the stupidy of some people and that some people is my own family! What possesses people to think a domesticated animal can take care of itself in the "wild". It will not happen and that poor little Maggie will die a horrible death this summer and I hope someone saw him do it and got his license number on his vehicle and turns him in! Stupid, stupid, stupid people. Can you tell I'm angry.

Really not a day to get me mad because I was already fuming from my little trip to Best Buy today. On May 30, I purchased two (2) HP color laser printers for $299 each. Today, the one at the office started squealing and quit working. THANK GOD I had just finished payroll printing. So I found the receipt and when we called we were told to bring the printer and the receipt in. I loaded the heavy thing in my little car and toddled off in the August heat to get some satisfaction. I arrived and went inside and asked someone to come and get it as it weighed a ton and I wasn't going to lift it (The Hubby put it in my car). I waited in the heat for 5 minutes till someone finally came out with a cart and then I had to repark and go inside. I get inside at the customer service desk and hand the girl my receipt expecting wonderful customer service. What I got was we're sorry but since you didn't buy the 2 year extended warranty all they could do was pack it up and send it off to HP for repair or they could give me an 800 number to call to get a box to pack it up to send it off for repair. I asked if they couldn't exchange and she repeated the 2 year crap. I said well what is your policy and she did a spiel about on the backside of the receipt is the policy for returns which is "VERY FINE PRINT"! I was fuming. I said never mind and said thanks for no help and turned around and marched out the door with my broken printer. The same guy helped me load it and I told him he was helpful but that I WOULD NEVER BUY ANOTHER THING IN THEIR STORE! I am not a person who returns ANYTHING, ever. I hate to return and usually will just chunk it and buy another but on $299 that is another thing but it looks like that is just what I'm going to have to do as I HAVE to HAVE a printer by next week. I'm not handwriting 50+ checks next week! I guess I'll have to buy another one, maybe a cheap one and then send this one in for repair. MAKES ME CRAZY!

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