Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This is the new form of torture my body has bestowed upon me, hives. I have apparently developed an allergy to the antibiotic that I have been on for my infection. I was with my friend checking out venues for her daughters wedding when all of a sudden the bend of my arm started sort of itching. We had just seen a couple of spiders and wondered if I had been bitten but as we were getting back in the car my backside started itching. We made it back to her house and I went into the bathroom and unzipped my jeans to see my shrinking tummy covered in hives. I knew exactly what was happening. It was 4:45 and I hurriedly called my doc and they told me to immediately stop taking the antibiotic and that they would call in an antihistamine. I drove right to the pharmacy and found out that it was not done, arriving about 6pm. I went on home as my tummy was getting a little upset and then checked online and even called the pharmacy at 7:15 and Still no call from the doctor. I got desperate and took a couple of Benedryl and about 8:15 I checked online and there it was. Wait, I already have a prescription for that, I call it my itchy medicine so I ran in there and took one, then at 10 I took another. The hives were melding into one huge hive and I was almost totally covered. I am miserable right now. I woke up about 4 and tried to sleep but the itching had started again so it was up to pop a couple of pills. It is better but that is relative as I am one huge bump!

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