Thursday, August 14, 2008

Found stuff

I have been in the mood to clean out boxes and closets and so at the office I remembered that there were boxes in a storage closet. Those boxes have been in storage behind piles of stuff for about 12 years so they needed to be gone through. I found books on how to draw, acrylic paints and brushes, counted cross stitch patterns, tons of fabric that was intended for quilts, my old papers written in my English Composition class and journals, craft ribbon, and the best thing - baby stuff. When B was little and the only grandchild in the family and the only girl grandchild she was called "The Kid", mainly by my parents. I was lucky enough to find a little t-shirt that said "The Kid" and wouldn't you know it but in that box of junk was that little t-shirt. I also found little crocheted dresses I made, crocheted shawls my grandmother made, and t-shirts that were A's that had "I was born at St. Francis Hospital." So very cool. Right now I am washing all of the fabric stuff as I also found mice droppings...YUCK! I have scrubbed my hands a lot in the past hour.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome to find hidden treasures!! Makes cleaning and organizing totally worth it!!!