Saturday, August 23, 2008

Do I smell or something.

Today is The Hubby's birthday. We went to the cabin last night to celebrate with our little family and friends, B&B2, A, The Hubby and myself. We had a nice time but I had to come back early today to cook up some casseroles for the family dinner I have planned to celebrate A's visit home and The Hubby's birthday. I sent the invite out over a month ago and and invited all of The Hubby's family and my family as I have done before. I didn't hear back and so planned that all would be in attendance, 26 to be exact. Today I get back and find out that 6 won't be in attendance, at the last minute. One I knew about on Thursday but today I find out the others are not coming. I know they have a long drive from Olathe but for goodness sake one is his oldest brother and wife and they are down through here nearly every week to their lake place at Lake Eufala so that shouldn't have been a problem. Okay, okay, okay, their excuse is that they are sick but I find that very convenient. You know we have been in this house for 2-1/2 years and I don't think that DD & Cher have spent over 30 minutes in our house. The last time A was home I had a get together and they couldn't make it and when the MIL turned 80 last year he was sick and chose to eat his meal in the backyard so as not to infect us. It just may be circumstances but this is getting way to weird for me. I'm beginning to think I smell or something or have offended them to the point that they will not set foot in our home. I wonder is they are jealous or mad at me or what. I was already ticked off at him because he never came to see his brother in the ICU and now this. I can't believe it. I've cooked for over 2 hours and then find out nothing!

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