Thursday, May 08, 2008

She's There

From B:

"i have made it and am exhausted. the flight was ok except that i had five freaking minutes to make my connection so i had to run like the wind...unfortunately, my bag can't run so it's still somewhere in ny which sucks. now i have to go out and find nice clothes to wear for my first internship day tomorrow. great. oh, our flight was FULL of hasidic jews like eighty percent of it. they talked and walked the entire flight which didnt allow for any of us to sleep at all.

good news is the apt is pretty nice...for a hostel apt...and has the internet in the room so please do email back! i'm exhausted and am super super drained in every aspect.

am already missing you all tremendously. day 10 is almost over...9 more to go....

love you all more than you know!!!!!!!!!

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