Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm a good Daughter-in-Law

I have had an extremely busy day today. First was Jazzercise as usual then home for breakfast then back to my personal trainer. (Man am I sore.) In between Jazz and PT I made a list of the stuff I needed to do today.

  • Call the Mother-in-Law
  • Wash car
  • Lunch with B
  • Grocery store
  • Box store
  • Buy photo album for the multitude of wedding pictures
  • Help Mother-in-Law pack some boxes

Well I achieved all but one of these things plus I cooked dinner and helped my MIL out big time. She is getting ready to move into a retirement facility and is really dragging her feet. I bought boxes today and took some of them over there to help. She had not even attempted to empty the china cabinet and I tackled it today and it is completely empty with half the stuff at my house. I have my grandmothers Desert Rose dishes and the MIL had another set so guess who adds to her set, ME. She had tons, and I mean tons of Christmas mugs that she was having the hardest time parting with so I told her to pack them and take them to the apartment and decide later if she had room to keep them. She was almost in tears trying to make the decision. She so loves to entertain and Christmas is one of her favorites but there is just not room for them but this appeased her for now. She is supposed to be moving in less than two weeks and she still has pictures adorning the walls and bedding in the hall closet. I asked her about the bedding, why she had not packed it yet but she couldn't really tell me. I then asked her about all the millions of pictures on the walls. She was kind of wishy-washy about them saying, "Well, uh, well." I took her arm and looked in her eyes and told her I knew why they were still hanging and told her the reason they were still there was because if they were gone then that would mean that it was not home anymore and she was just not ready for it yet, but, she is on a deadline and there is not turning back now. She took my hand, smiled and giggled but admitted that was probably true. This has been very difficult for her but I'm going to help her through it. She trusts me and values my opinion and I truly love her and want the best for her. I'm a good daughter-in-law and she is a wonderful Mother-in-Law.

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