Monday, May 05, 2008

I actually have to work.

Today, and for the next 20 days or so I actually have to be in the office everyday. I am already spoiled with B working here but she leaves on Wednesday for Budapest. Yes, I said Budapest. She is going there to observe an EFL class (English as a Foreign Language). It is an intern class for her masters in ESL (English as a Second Language). She is so very excited but sad to leave the new hubby home. They just couldn't afford for him to go too. The other problems is no passport for him and he would have to sit in his hotel room in a foreign country, as he has never been out of the country, while she was in class all day. So maybe next time he can go. This girl LOVES to travel but she is also extremely nervous when she does.

I am so, so, SO sore this morning. This weekend I cleaned and scrubbed the screened porch at the cabin which entailed the removal of all the furniture, then I walked and lightly jogged 3.32 miles on Saturday and 2.49 miles on Sunday. Today was upper body stuff at the Personal Trainer - Wade and I am having a hard time even typing this entry. My GOD my arms are limp noodles hanging off my shoulders. The bad thing is that I'm supposed to do a make-up bowling thing this afternoon. That means another 3 games fast and hot in about an hour. I'm supposed to walk with the walking group but I DON'T THINK SO. I certainly don't want to do overkill to my body or I won't want to continue. Tomorrow are the legs! I do it Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and each time we also do 100 crunches. My body had better start dropping more weight and inches SOON!

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