Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Flying Out

9:10am B flew out to Chicago then to New York then on to Budapest. She is on her 10 excursion for school. I am worried about her for many reasons. First she is flying alone to Chicago and New York and will meet up with her instructor and fellow students in New York. Second is that she is terrified of rain and storms and flying is not her favorite sport either, so put the two together I know she is white-knuckling it. The way she can overcome these fears is that she absolutely LOVES to travel, especially outside the country. She is driven in that way. Both of my girls have been to Germany, France, England, Austria but B has also been to India. I'm not comfortable traveling but will do it if I really have too. I also know it is hard for her to leave B2. They are newlyweds you know and really have not been apart since they met. She will be fine and I await for her call when she arrives in NY and meets up with her people.

Yesterday would have been Momma and Daddy's 53rd wedding anniversary. Sis and I decided we would take him out for dinner (Bro couldn't make it). We took him to a place in BA called Belini's...YUM. We had a fillet and lobster...YUM. I think he had a really good time. We laughed and talked a bit. It's good for him. He's still having a little trouble being alone yet again he seems to be doing fine. He gets lonely. This weekend will be tough on me too as Mom is gone and both of my girls will not be here for Momma's Day. I'm actually feeling pretty sad about that, very sad.

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