Sunday, March 30, 2008


(Pictures will come later)

Saturday, March 29...Not much to do for the day except wait for time to pass. Shower, hair poofed, lunch, wait...Finally, 3pm and I'm dressed and waiting for The Hubby to decide on which pants he wants to wear and to tie his tie. We load the Avalanche with bridesmaid dresses, the wedding dress, rings, marriage license, cameras and film, guest books and stuff and make our way to Five Oaks Lodge for the party of the year. We arrive and I fast realize that my shoes are not going to stay on for long. I had to order them to match my dress and I always wear a 7-1/2 but they are too big and there was not another size left in my color. The girls arrive and they look beautiful all done up with their hair and makeup and when they get their dresses on WOW! I must say I produced some beautiful babies. The bridesmaid is an honorary daughter and couldn't be more proud of her but pour girl is three months pregnant and very nauseous. The wedding is not until 6:30 and we are waiting as the photographer takes a million pictures of us all. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating much for an outdoor wedding but at least there was no rain. We all stood out on the deck overlooking the lake and B and B2 exchanged very sweet vows. Short and sweet. Everyone hurridly rushed in to the reception and the biggest party I've ever thrown. The cake was BEAUTIFUL. Four tiers of green icing that matched the bridesmaids dresses and with cream Mehndi design all over. Beautiful. The food was AWESOME, Catering by Orr and the staff was fabulous. We served Grape Ranch Wine as they met in Okemah at the Woody Guthrie Festival and that is where Grape Ranch Wine is made. The flowers were white spider mums and Bells of Ireland. The centerpieces were very tall vases with one spider mum and a tall sprig of the Bells of Ireland. The boutineres and corsages were Bells of Ireland too. The bridesmaid, maid of honor and brides bouquets were a mix of the mum and bells and B's had a loop that she carried like a purse and underneath was a horseshoe (another tradition). The Hubby was totally right in hiring the DJ as the music was perfect thanks to B. She picked out great dance stuff and everyone had a great time out on the dance floor. We had a guest book table to sign in during the reception and instead of a photo booth that is so very expensive we bought a $159 poloroid camera and lots of film and took pictures and put them by where they signed in a special book. It worked out fabulously. I took a spin on the dance floor with my newly trained husband but that was all he was going to get out of me as my head and feet were killing me and trying to talk to people made my voice non-existent. The couple danced and danced and I was impressed as to their ability. The Hubby danced with both of the girls as they had practice and then he got his very agile and classy 80 year old mother out there and they did the swing and then he dipped her backwards. She just laughed and giggled. It was great. I was so glad to see our family and old friends enjoying themselves. When I was escorted to my seat, as I looked out at my Daddy he started crying and so I started crying and when I sat next to him he started sobbing and saying "my baby". I could hardly contain myself and really didn't. He cried that it was too hard for him and I put my arm around him. He was so missing Momma. He didn't stay too long and didn't drink or eat anything. When he went back to the brides room to see B he hugged and sobbed again crying my baby. She is the first grandchild and the first to get married to it was overwhelming for him. When my Daddy cries I cry. Oh I forgot...when it was time for the newly married couple to leave the vintage Bently arrived and The Hubby got the gargatuan sparklers (over a yard long) ready for everyone to light as they came out and were whisked away for a very short, cheap honeymoon at Price Tower in Bartlesville. It was beautiful and now we can get back to life, get well, and carry on.

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