Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Aching Body

Here it is the final week before the wedding and I think I'm getting sick. My head is stuffy my sinuses are draining and I'm starting a small headache signaling a possible head cold. I don't have time in my life for this. I hope that it is nothing but allergies. The problem if I am getting sick is that April 1 I am having my first ever colonoscopy and I can't take ibuprofen or med's for the headache. Not good. This morning at workout I could hardly finish. Last night I walked 2.2 miles with my walking group and I think my body has had it. Maybe last night with the wind that was blowing so very hard it just kicked up my allergies on the walk.

I've been trying to get hold of my "best" friend for a couple of days now because she wanted to have lunch with me this week, today, because it is my only free day because of the wedding stuff. Well, I have called and left several messages with no response. I called her home phone and was surprised to find out it was disconnected. I called her husbands office and asked one of their office people and they said, "Oh yeah they disconnected it a few weeks ago because no called on it and no one ever answered it." I call on it and have been for a bit. So I sit and wait today to hear if I will have my usual Slim Fast or eat at Wild Fork for lunch. Again, I'm left hanging in the wind but I'm prepared with the Slim Fast at least.

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