Friday, March 07, 2008

Dance Lessons

Yesterday I took a dance lesson with The Hubby. I found out by accident that he had been taking private lessons for a few weeks. He wants to dance really well at his daughters wedding. I found out when he called me into the den where his computer is and there on the screen was an email with a very familiar name. It was a girls name that I recognized of a little girl I used to babysit. I immediately asked about it and he very quickly told me that I wasn't supposed to see that and put his hand up. Excuse me! I was halted in place right there. He then told me that he found her on the Internet and all about the private lessons. Okay that is fine and it was wonderful to see her after 35+ years, yes I said 35+ years. Yesterday he wanted me to go with him and dance. I did. Let me explain that The Hubby LOVES to dance and LOVES music but the poor guy has 5 left feet and his no sense of rhythm. I've been doing Jazzercise for 11 years now and that is basically dance so the lesson was very easy for me. He wants SO very badly to get it down but inside I wanted to burst out giggling. We did okay and we go back next week.

Now on to the wedding plans. The RSVP's are coming in pretty steadily and we are up to about 130 acceptances. She sent out over 200 and was freaked out that all of them would come but I think we will be alright. Actually B2's family has not even sent the RSVP's back except one so that could be where we pick up people. We're fine on it all though. Oh and the kink that has been thrown into the wedding plans was where the dance thing came in. B did not want a DJ mostly because she was trying so very hard to stay within the budget we gave her and the space constraints and because she has some really different music she wants played, and she was making her own CD's to be played. Now mind you the wedding is March 29 and we are at crunch time. The Hubby came into the office on Monday and pointed a finger at her and told her he wanted to have a DJ there and don't worry about the cost and then left the office. She sat there with her mouth hanging open and tears in her eyes. I tried to talk to The Hubby to let him know that we might not be able to pull that off but he was pretty insistent. Today B was able to get it together and find a DJ and you know I think she is a little relieved as she was having no time to get all the music together. She has been so very stressed and then a couple of weeks ago the judge that was to perform the ceremony (my friend) had to beg off but promised that she would make it right as we were at the end. Finally, TODAY she came through and set it up for us. Whew! Tomorrow is the last bridal shower and her friend asked if they could have it here so tomorrow we will have a house full of giggling young ladies. It's fine though because I don't have to do anything but have the house clean and it is done already.

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