Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Quick Note

This is a quick note as we have to take turns turning on and using different appliances to not trip the generator. Yes this week has been utter HELL! We lost power 6pm Sunday night just in time to miss Amazing Race. Then we listened to the limbs snap, crackle and pop as they fell and crashed all over the house. It was absolutely terrifying. Then what I thought was thunder and lightening was actually exploding transformers. The explosions vibrated through the fireplace and made it groan along with the crashing limbs on the roof. We have a permanent standby generator sitting on a concrete pad next to the house but have been way too busy to install it so we are using a small gasoline powered one. Yes, The Hubby has been in a little hot water over that one. The next morning we knew we would be inundated with phone calls at the office for electrical service but could not even fathom the depth of the horrendous castrophy. We have a permanent standby generator at the office but it was coughing and chugging and we knew it was having a problem and Tuesday night it finally sputtered it's last sputter so we found another gasoline powered one that only allowed the heat and phones and one light on in the office. So I sat and answered the phones and did counted cross-stitch. I have listened to people cry, beg and plead for help. #1 girl didn't come to the office for two days so I manned the phones all by myself and it was awful and exhausting. The Hubby had to go and get his mother as her power was off and so she stayed with us until today when her power came back and I'm truly going to miss her. She is quite wonderful and I enjoy her company. Well, I've got to get off and save the generator, our lifeline to warmth.

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