Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Christmas Present and more!

My Christmas present finally arrived. During the horrible ice storm my laptop finally took its last breath and died. I was at a loss as I love to blog in the evenings. I had to start doing counted cross-stitch again. So last week I got on the net and emailed back and forth with our nephew (the resident computer guru) and he helped me pick out the one I wanted. It was originally supposed to arrive today at the office as I knew someone would be there. Well, Monday I received an email from the shipper that they tried to deliver on Monday at the office of which was closed for Christmas. ARGHHH! The email said it would re-deliver the next business day. Well what do you think would be the next business day! Wednesday, right! I waited all day long yesterday for the shipper to arrive. Finally around 2:30 I called and they said that it wasn't even put on the truck for delivery. (This is me hitting my head on the desk, BANG). So I sat and waited all day long for the delivery truck to show up and it finally did about 2 today. Yeah!

We've also acquired another new kind of toy, or at least The Hubby has. He has been beside himself to purchase some property for a place to store some of his toys and to maybe work on old cars and on and on and on. Whatever. Yesterday we purchased an old building that was an auto mechanic shop for probably 50 years. It's smelly, greasy and we bought the contents too. It's just a huge toy box for The Hubby and I'm just glad I don't have to clean it up. It will give him something to do. I know when to hold my tongue because it will be my turn for something sometime too.

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