Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Day Off

After my grumbling yesterday about The Hubby and WORK it turned out OK. I ended up getting to leave when I wanted to and run my errands. I was even able to buy that elusive bowling bag I wanted. To top off the day I killed it at bowling which will just make my average go up, again.

Today is Thursday and I'm taking the day off. The Hubby is out of the office all day long so there won't be the urgent phone calls that he NEEDS me immediately, at least for the morning. #1 daughter is handling the office and phones and besides I have almost no voice today except for the 1-900 kind...Hey baby!

So far this morning I tried to workout at Jazzercise but this thing I am fighting off was aggravated by getting hot so I sat it out. I finished my crossword and Sudoku and came home to watch my usual two episodes of Charmed (I'm obsessed)and have my bowl of oatmeal. Then I did the dishes and took The Hubby's shirts (he ran them this morning)out of the drier. I don't do his laundry but will help him out occassionally. When he does the dishes he calls it foreplay (as he told my mother) and I guess doing his laundry is my form of it.

It is 9 am, the television is off and now I will attempt to tackle my room. I have always wanted my own room so when we moved into this house and did the remodel I got my own room. I shared a room and bed with my sister for 19 years and then I married and shared another room and bed with The Hubby. That has been 31 years now, so it was time for my own space. I don't sleep in it, except for the occassional nap in my chair, but I want to write, paint, read and just have my own space. Here are pictures of what I am facing today on my DAY OFF!

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