Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Cough, cough, wheeze. I'm sick, at least I think I am. I really don't feel bad and I don't even have a headache but cough, cough, wheeze. It's probably those damn allergies that happen to us here Okies. I'm even on prescription Allegra but you never know. #1 daughter started work for us in the office last Tuesday and by Friday she was feeling horrible and coughing and sniffling. Stuck in a windowless office next to a sick person, who knows maybe that is it too. I take vitamins EVERYDAY and eat right and excercise, maybe I'm just having an abbreviated version of the contaigin. The customers should enjoy my deep sexy voice today, as this "thing" has settled in my chest and throat. Cough, cough, wheeze!

Last night The Hubby and I attended an auction to try to find some old rugs for our new house. (That sounded funny didn't it.) Anyway, he loves old middle eastern rugs. It's a place called Brandon's Auction and I think every week or so or every week they have auctions. There can be some really cool antiques there but last night was filled with tons of new furniture, some still with new tags on them. Dining room sets including hutches, bedroom furniture sets, living room chairs and couches, you name it it was there and the prices were dirt cheap, so was probably the quality of the stuff but I wouldn't know for sure because I didn't look too closely. We were able to bid on 3 of 4 rugs, a very old brass lamp and of all things a ukelele in a case for $20. Don't quite understand the meaning of that one. In all we spent around $650 on the stuff.

After the auction we hurried home and arrived around 10:15. I was anxious because our DVR was messed up earlier and I didn't want to miss Big Brother. Whew, it worked and we stayed up to watch it and The Hubby watched me scream at the television at Evil Dick.....his name is so appropriate. I so detest that man.

This morning I opted to stay in bed and not go to Jazzercise. I could have because I really felt OK but that extra 30 minutes sleep was heaven. I'll get some exercise tonight bowling.

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